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Purpose, Perception, Positivity & Pause

Introducing young students to a leadership programme developed by Professor Kathryn Pavlovich (on stage in the banner above)

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15 April 2019

RE: Feedback for Curious Minds Programme

The Curious Minds programme was a great way to teach awareness of mindfulness techniques that can be applied to everyday situations. I enjoyed the range of media that Professor Kathryn used to provoke thought about perception, with all of its contents. The programme was pretty full on for the last week of school in a busy first term, but it was great to reinforce the teachings that were being taught in class on a daily basis. Students were very engaged with learning about how the brain perceives information. The chemical reactions that occur and awareness of the physical and emotional changes present. Students that are already using different coping strategies were present to some of the terminology; amygdala and dopamine. This gave them a sense of peace, as they felt they were not alone in their struggles. Students welcomed the daily praise that was given by Professor Kathryn and Chris. They began to look forward to receiving their daily scores, aiming to reach or maintain ‘excellence’ for their workbooks, working attitude and the choices they made for that day. The Curious Minds programme expanded my practice on what I already do and provided a framework to consider possible approaches to engaging my students in their health and well-being. Thank you both for delivering the Curious Minds - Possible Worlds programme to Room 6.

Nāku noa nā Whaea Rangiwhangai Rhode Street Primary School Room 6 Classroom Teacher