"giving KIDS FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE a new perspective of their world"

Child Flight Charitable Trust was established in 2012 to provide support and opportunity for disadvantaged kids.
Our mission has expanded as Child Flight seeks to provide support for kids from all walks of life.   As well as using flight as the medium for new spatial experiences we now offer, at no cost, a well-being programme called Curious Minds-Possible Worlds which is being taught in schools and community organisations in Kaitaia and Whangarei.  The programme is presented by Professor Kathryn Pavlovich who has 20 years experience in research and development in this field. Our long-term goal is to introduce the course to as many schools as we can throughout New Zealand and we invite any organisation interested in the well-being of young students to join us


Lotteries Northland has just granted Child Flight sufficient funding for a full course of Curious Minds-Possible Worlds to be undertaken in the Capitaine Bougainville Theatre in Whangarei. This course will be presented to 7 schools from the region, and has been championed by Whangarei Intermediate School who helped us bring the schools together.


2018 Achievements