Curious Minds-Possible Worlds Programme for 2019

We have a busy first part of the year ahead of us. Starting on the 18th March we will teach in Whangarei at the Capitaine Bougainville Theatre, 7 schools from the local district. Hopefully the week of the 25th March will be available for schools in Kaitaia. We are yet to confirm this date. Then the week beginning the 8th April we will teach Curious Minds at Rhode Street School in Hamilton. We have funding from NZ Lotteries, Foundation North and Trust Waikato for these 3 projects. Reviews will take place later in the year. Total number of students involved will be approximately 300.

Curious Minds Review

Child Flight continues its Curious Minds programme in Kaitaia by conducting a review of the course held in March this year. The course was very well attended by Kaitaia Intermediate and Pompellier. We have learnt that the students have formed mentoring groups and are working on establishing a youth centre in the township. At the end of the review the students spontaneously honoured us with another waiata (see photo below)

Waiata 2.jpg

Air Chathams DC3

It takes a considerable amount of planning and good luck to get a large aircraft like the Air Chathams DC3 into Hamilton Airport. We have booked 3 charter flights for November 25, 2018. The Airport has offered us the International Lounge again and Airways will provide their services for free. Let’s hope the weather plays ball….

DC3 CA.jpg


We are planning a Curious Minds-Possible Worlds course in the Waikato to be offered to year 7 students.  We are hoping for several schools to opt into this project for over 140 students.

We have already booked the Capitain Bougainville Theatre in Whangarei which seats up to 400.  Early next year, hopefully with support from Lotteries, we will bring together over 140 year 7 students.

We are currently working with 2 special needs schools in Hamilton and L3, a flight training centre at the airport.  The special needs students will have the chance to fly in the flight simulator.

The booklet for the Curious Minds-Possible Worlds project is nearing completion.

We are planning for flights around New Zealand for special needs kids when the weather improves thanks to the generosity of Z Energy.

Kaitaia Curious Minds Course March 2018

The course was held in the cinema complex at the Te Ahu Community Centre.  There were 110 students from 6 schools around the Kaitaia District.  The programme consisted of 5 sessions, each two hours long.  Of the 110 students, 98% completed the syllabus.  This is a remarkable success.  Assignments to be completed by the students were done in class.  This allowed the teachers to collect 100% of the prepared booklets that had been handed out at the beginning of each session.  The assignments were marked.  We noted a major improvement in the students over the 5 classes.  In session 1, 9.5% of the students achieved an excellent marking.  By session 4, the level of excellence had risen to 27%.  This demonstrated to us a willingness to learn and apply that learning.  The level of attention during the 2 hour intense sessions was remarkable.

Students Preparing.jpg

Why Not?

We have held the view for a long time that our flights can help more than just the immediate project.  For example, if Child Flight was flying down to Christchurch to undertake a flight for "kids in wheelchairs" this means the aircraft flies down to Christchurch with available seats and back.  Because we are a charity, we provide flights for free.  Our aim would be to accommodate passengers in need of help, particularly those who are infirm, have a disability, or need non urgent transport to a local hospital.  The idea is to help those who would otherwise be exposed to the stressful rigours of public transport, having to wait in queues, loading wheelchairs, bound by airline schedules and non-direct flights.  At the moment we are VFR, meaning we only fly in visual meteorological conditions.  Eventually we will work our way to IFR where we can fly all-weather.  IF THERE IS A PROGRAMMER OUT THERE WHO COULD HELP US WITH THIS CONCEPT PLEASE CONTACT CHRIS JORDAN ON 021 506292. 

Matrix White.png.jpg

Flying for Cerebral Palsy

We have started a Givealittle page for Cerebral Palsy in New Zealand.  There are over 7000 sufferers. Our mission for raising funds will start in Hamilton at the end of February.  We will give Troy a flight in the Piper Lance over Hamilton.  The intention is to take our flights to Kaitaia, Whangarei, Tauranga and Whakatane.  These flights have been fully sponsored by the Z Energy group.  We are hoping to raise funds in each area we fly into; this will be passed onto the Cerebral Palsy Society.  Troy and the aircraft are pictured below:

Latest Developments

We have had an interesting start to the New Year.  We met Claire Freeman in Auckland who is doing her PhD at AUT.  We have asked if she would be interested in becoming our ambassador and she is keen.  We will meet up with Claire again in March when we are in Christchurch completing the penultimate leg of "kids in wheelchairs"

Claire Freeman.jpg

We flew to Kaitaia yesterday to complete the final planning for the large Curious Minds Class to be undertaken in the Te Ahu community centre.  This class will be made up of 110 students from 5 schools in the Far North.  We are proud to be associated with Foundation North who have sponsored this event which will be from 19th March through to 23rd March.

2nd KT CM.jpg