Zeroing in on PROJECT 220

Child Flight has started Project 220 in earnest with 4 flights out of Whangarei on the 28th October.  This was covered by the Northern Advocate see

Project 220 (220 seats for special people by Xmas) has flights planned this month in Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin with the local aero clubs and the big flights to Kaitaia and Hamilton with the 30 seat DC3 which has been sponsored by Z's Good in the Hood, two major private sponsors and GoBus Hamilton.

On top of this Child Flight embarks next month on an education program centered around aviation and science called CURIOUS MINDS.  Professor Kathryn Pavlovich of the University of Waikato will present a class to Kaitaia Primary School.  We will be hoping that this program develops into a package we can take around New Zealand to rural and remote schools using our aircraft as a flying lab.