Hamilton Airport & DC3

The DC3 arrived here today at 9:40am after 8 months of planning which included an aborted MYBUDDY DAY on May 24th due to bad weather.  Undeterred we set 1st December as another date notwithstanding marginal weather conditions with some clouds as low as 300'.  Give Geoff his due 37,000 hours of flying experience helps!!

Two flights were achieved with the help of our supporters, Tiffiney Perry Family Trust, The Brian Perry Charitable Trust, GoBus Hamilton, Z Frankton (Good in the Hood), Trust Waikato & DC3NZ. These private and public entities have shown confidence in Child Flight to do what we said we would do, fly mainstream and special kids together.

The poignant moment for us was when Stella was lifted out of her wheelchair by Simon Hollinger (COO Hamilton Airport) and gently placed inside the DC3 with her mom, see photo below.