CTC Aviation

Child Flight Charitable Trust's association with CTC continued for a third year and enabled us to bring schools out to their training facility at Hamilton Airport.  Peter Stockwell, COO of CTC, has always supported the idea of giving special kids a chance to fly and through his organisation.  We are able to use the very sophisticated simulators and also go for flights in their Cessna 172's.  On average we visit CTC once a month and the feedback from the schools is very encouraging.  The last visit by Melville School on the 29th November gave me an opportunity to try out my teaching skills by introducing "curious minds" while we waited for the simulator to come online.  I have to say, we all had a good time, although the kids were initially disappointed they were "in class" on a Sunday!!!  Thank you Peter for supporting this initiative, we appreciate the social enterprise work you and CTC do in our community.