PROJECT 220, 2015

Child Flight Charitable Trust challenged itself this year to put 220 special students in the air before Xmas 2015.  We did it; in fact we achieved 227.  With the support of some amazing sponsors we were able to fly special kids in Kaitaia, Whangarei, Tauranga, Hamilton, Whakatane, Fielding, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin.  We wish to express our gratitude to:

A sponsor from the USA who wishes to remain anonymous who supported the DC3 flight to Kaitaia and one of two scenic flights flown around the region.  The other flight was sponsored by Z Energy, Kaitaia and Kaitaia Primary School, with Brendon Morrissey (principal) arranging the fund raising.  Child Flight, through Professor Kathryn Pavlovich took two classes of "CURIOUS MINDS" before the flights.  This Beta version, we hope, will provide the platform for future classes in other schools we visit around New Zealand as part of a total package of flying with curiosity.  It is our intention to go back to Kaitaia to develop the programme further.

Z Energy's GOOD IN THE HOOD sponsorships covered flights in all the areas we operated this year with 9 service stations supporting us.  Their generosity has enabled us to become a nationwide provider of flights for special needs kids.  Just in the last month Z Aviation has provided a further stimulus for our national campaign by supporting 25 hours of flying in our Piper Arrow aircraft.  This will enable us to get to remote areas of New Zealand and give schools in those regions our package of flights with "curious minds".

In Hamilton, our base, we were finally able to beat the weather and our second attempt to get the DC3 parked outside the International Lounge at the airport was successful.  A huge thanks to Tiffiney Perry and her family and the Brian Perry Charitable Trust who gave us the courage to charter the DC3.  Their sponsorship combined with Z Frankton enabled two scenic flights and gave 60 students the flight of a lifetime in a vintage "warbird".

As CEO of Child Flight, I would like to personally thank all those who participated in our projects this year.  I was humbled bythe  willingness of our volunteers to go the extra mile.  I could name you, but feel it better to simply say "there are over 40 volunteers, you know who you are, take a bow............. thank you".  

Merry Xmas everyone see you in the New Year with some exciting news!!