Our guy in Whangarei (Shaun Sutherland) is busy organising 6 flights with Blomfield School which have been fully sponsored by Z Northland (Leticia Allan-Manager).  That's 18 more seats for special needs.  These flights will happen in October.

Child Flight has now finshed planning for 2 flights of the DC3 in Kaitaia.  We have a sponsor in Los Angeles who has underwritten the positioning flight up to Kaiataia Airport and 1 scenic.  Kaitaia Primary and Z Kaitaia and ourselves are underwriting the 2nd scenic flight which allows us to fly 60 passengers.

We have also locked in 2 flights for Hamilton and these are fully booked, having been sponsored by the Perry Family, Brian Perry Charitable Trust & also GoBus. The schools that are on these flights became actively involved in the funding as well.  These schools are Te Awamutu Primary School, Rotokauri School, Rototuna School, Whatawhata School and Cambridge Primary.  We are endeavouring to get a 3rd flight but this will be predicated on us being able to raise the necessary funding.  This adds up to a further 60, possibly 90 seats in total.

We are well on the way to our target of 220 seats by Xmas....