As part of Project 220, Child Flight is planning to charter the DC3 from Ardmore, Auckland.  It will fly to Kaitaia the week beginning the 16th November 2015.  The flight is being sponsored by a prominent business man who was born in the Far North and now lives in Los Angeles, USA.


With the help of Z Kaitaia and Kaitaia Primary School, Child Flight is able to charter 2 scenic flights with a total seat capacity of 60.

As part of this undertaking, Child Flight will involve students aged 9-13 years of age in a short education class on "Curious Minds", exposing these young kids to "mindfulness".  The class will be taken by Professor Kathryn Pavlovich, a leading academic in the science of mindfulness.


Child Flight is keen to develop this class as a package, which can be taken to schools in remote areas of New Zealand.  Why?  Because the student in remote areas do not get the same opportunities as their city counterparts.  A good example of this is the DC3, which Child Flight uses to promote that difference.  The cost of getting this aircraft to Kaitaia would normally be prohibitive.  The same reasoning can be used when considering the availability of a world class academic.  How often do remote schools get such an opportunity.  Not often if ever.  Child Flight is looking forward to this new venture and hopes that the local community in Kaitaia will get behind us to ensure its success