Working With Women's Refuge

We have now completed 4 classes of Curious Minds for kids under the supervision of Waikato Women's Refuge.  We are amazed at how willing these kids are to learn.  Our class consists of 15 kids all aged 12.  Child Flight has purchased a projector which allows us to be independent wherever we teach our 4P programme.  This allows us to do Power Point with videos.  Each class is 2 hours long.  Professor Kathryn Pavlovich does the teaching and I have been referred to as "her sidekick" !!

I approached Jucy Rentals to help us with a Xmas present for the kids.  They have chipped in to pay for a trip down to Raglan Rock to do a day's activity (caving or rock climbing) thank you Tim Alpe, Jucy's CEO.

We have yet to complete our program in Kaitaia, this has been planned for early next year.  St Paul's, Ngruawahia have almost completed a full programme.  We learnt a lot from teaching here and hope to be able to continue next year subject to funding.

We also managed to get 4 flights away for Blomfield School in Whangarei.  This gave 12 special students a chance to see Whangarei and the sea.  A truely unique experience for these kids.  We have more flights planned for the New Year all supported by Z Energy Whangarei.