Education-Mentoring (Curious Minds)

The one thing you have to remember about a Charity, it has to be administered, managed and run on a day to day basis.  We are grateful for the number of volunteers who willingly give up their time to ensure Child Flight remains a viable entity throughout New Zealand.  We are, apart from the voluntary hours, completely reliant on sponsorships. This year will be very challenging for Child Flight as we have added education into our mix as part of deepening the meaning of "flight".  We are endeavouring to tackle one of the most troublesome areas in education, that of the disadvantaged child.  Disadvantaged means anything between youth suicide, bullying, physically or mentally handicapped, abused, from a poor background, seriously ill or emotionally unstable.  This is a vast area to cover but we think we can achieve a positive outcome for these kids through our Curious Minds program.  This involves setting up a group of mentors (students) in the school that are taught the principles of the 4P program designed by Professor Kathryn Pavlovich of the University of Waikato. These mentors buddy up with their disadvantaged peers in what we call a P2P approach ie., Peer to Peer. The beta version of this project will hopefully be taken into several Kaitaia schools, if we can get the funding!!