Kaitaia Magic Show

Jonathan Usher, magician extraordinaire, and I made the decision to drive rather than fly to Kaitaia on Tuesday 17th May.  The decision not to fly was due to fierce thunder storms the previous night which lit up the Waikato sky.  Very hard decision as it takes 5 1/2 hours to drive and only 1 1/2 hours to fly!!  But the show must go on.....

No thanks!!!

We arrived in Kaitaia in time for breakfast.  The first show began at 11 am at Kaitaia Primary.  Brendon Morrissey, principal, praised the show as "the best ever in the school".

Then onto Kaitaia Intermediate where the show started at 2 pm.  Again very successful with a thumbs up from Sue Arell, principal.

This is the start of the ANZ Staff Foundation & Z Good in the Hood supported Curious Minds program.  This journey is truly fascinating and we are all looking forward to the introduction of the 4P's into these two schools.