Waikato Initiatives

At the time of writing this Blog, Child Flight has been successful in setting up flights and simulator rides for some very special kids from Hamilton North on the 22nd May.  The Brian Perry Charitable Trust has given enough sponsorship to support another 10 flights.  A very big thanks to Tiffiney Perry & Chris Harvey for making this possible.  

On the downside we were turned down by Trust Waikato for funding for our Curious Minds project in the Waikato.  Curiously we have been successful in the Far North with support from the ANZ Staff Foundation, but have yet to achieve any support in our home town.  This will not stop us from continuing to try through other agencies such as Gallagher & WEL Trusts where we have forwarded applications.  Fingers crossed.  We have lined up St Pauls in Ngaruawahia, a decile 4 school for the program working with their new principal Shaun Emms.  Of course we have to get the funding before we can start.