On the 3rd of March 2017 we were lucky enough to get away 5 flights for a special needs school in Whangarei.  Tracy Chapman, team leader wrote the following:

"HI Chris and Leiticia

Many thanks once again for the awesome organisation of the Child Flights and sponsorship by Z Service Station. I have sent photos and a description of the flight etc  to the Northern Advocate and Z Service Station also our school newsletter.Many of these students have never been on a aeroplane in their lives.  What a great day.The next day we followed up with feedback from the  Child Flights and integrated this into their school unit emotions, where we focused on  excited and scared.  We shared genuine and enthusiastic feed back from students and staff.A huge applaud to Leticia and the Z Service Station Crew who supported on us this day.You have a brilliant and kind team operating with you. Many thanks to Mark and the awesome chap (Ray Stark) who flew with Mark from Whitianga.

Thank you for making our students lives excited, happy and complete.


Tracy Chapman

Team Leader