Kaitaia Curious Minds Course March 2018

The course was held in the cinema complex at the Te Ahu Community Centre.  There were 110 students from 6 schools around the Kaitaia District.  The programme consisted of 5 sessions, each two hours long.  Of the 110 students, 98% completed the syllabus.  This is a remarkable success.  Assignments to be completed by the students were done in class.  This allowed the teachers to collect 100% of the prepared booklets that had been handed out at the beginning of each session.  The assignments were marked.  We noted a major improvement in the students over the 5 classes.  In session 1, 9.5% of the students achieved an excellent marking.  By session 4, the level of excellence had risen to 27%.  This demonstrated to us a willingness to learn and apply that learning.  The level of attention during the 2 hour intense sessions was remarkable.

Students Preparing.jpg