Why Not?

We have held the view for a long time that our flights can help more than just the immediate project.  For example, if Child Flight was flying down to Christchurch to undertake a flight for "kids in wheelchairs" this means the aircraft flies down to Christchurch with available seats and back.  Because we are a charity, we provide flights for free.  Our aim would be to accommodate passengers in need of help, particularly those who are infirm, have a disability, or need non urgent transport to a local hospital.  The idea is to help those who would otherwise be exposed to the stressful rigours of public transport, having to wait in queues, loading wheelchairs, bound by airline schedules and non-direct flights.  At the moment we are VFR, meaning we only fly in visual meteorological conditions.  Eventually we will work our way to IFR where we can fly all-weather.  IF THERE IS A PROGRAMMER OUT THERE WHO COULD HELP US WITH THIS CONCEPT PLEASE CONTACT CHRIS JORDAN ON 021 506292. 

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