Bad Weather

MyBuddy Project: Mission Accomplished

The Big Day Out MYBUDDY PROJECT held at Hamilton Airport had a turnout of over 200.  Our magician Jonathan Usher (center photo below) was a huge hit with the kids and we are going to have him again.

The Z team who flew Jonathan up from Dunedin, Selwyn Cook (LHS) with Kim and Lisa.  Because of the horrendous wind we were not able to get the DC3 down from Ardmore.  But this did not stop the show, which was a rip roaring success.  

Our Rock 'n Roller Jesse O'Brien was a hit with everyone.  The quality of his music is right up there and the adults were suitably entertained while the clown and face painter did cameos amongst the kids.

While all this was going on Brian King (Harcourts & MC) kept the crowd revved up with an auction and a raffle for $1000 worth of house paint and a free flight in a 4 seat aircraft.  We managed to get only two flights away before the weather really turned nasty

The ANZ Bank were represented by Jane Rush and her daughter dressed up as an EFTPOS machine and Doug Cassey.  Jane and Doug have done heaps for Child Flight and were responsible for us being able to fly our aircraft around NZ to support special needs.

Thanks everyone for a magical day! If only we could control the weather!