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A Letter from Elai

I’m in the car with mum, Hamish and Kyla eagerly waiting to get to the Hamilton airport, well it’s a smaller airport right next to the Hamilton one called the Hamilton aero club. As soon as we turn into our destination I spot my mate Scott and his sister Lucy who are going on the flight and their mum and dad Trevor and Meagan who aren’t going on the flight. Once we are all out of the car we grouped up and Chris comes over holding his white tablet, so everyone got introduced to each other and just before we walk over to the plane Chris gave me his tablet and told me it had the map on it and then told me how it worked to track our flight which I thought was cool.

We all start to walk over to the plane and we all get some photos taken which took about 10 minutes. Then I got introduced to the pilot and his name was Roger. We all start to board the plane and I got on last, you know what they say best for last, anyway now that we are all on the plane Roger drives the plane into take off position and we stall up power then all of a sudden we start to boost up the runway going faster and faster until we are going ludicrously fast and the aircraft starts to rise into the wonderful blue sky until we are about 1500 feet in the air.

The first place we fly over is the west coast up to Auckland. But first we travel over some farmland and the animals look like tiny dots. Then we travel over Raglan and looking at the beach from what I would call a bird’s eye view or a planes eye view and I thought that looked wonderfully amazing. When we passed over Raglan we continued to fly over farmland now I live on a farm but flying over one at 1500ft is a different story I thought it looked amazing like nothing I’ve ever seen and all the tiny little animals looked so cute to. After about 20 minutes we reach Auckland and I thought it looked spectacular then I spot the Sky Tower and then Roger flew us up real close to the tower and we looped around it about 5 times and that made me feel amazing. After that we flew over the Auckland harbour then after that we flew down the east coast back to the Hamilton aero club. Once we landed I said thank you so much that was amazing to Chris and Roger and then we walked back over to our car and I got some wine out and went over to Chris and thanked him again for arranging the amazing once in a life time flight and gave him the wine and said goodbye and hoped in the car and drove off.

Thank You so much Chris that flight was so much fun it was awesome, I am so incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to experience this.