On the 3rd of March 2017 we were lucky enough to get away 5 flights for a special needs school in Whangarei.  Tracy Chapman, team leader wrote the following:

"HI Chris and Leiticia

Many thanks once again for the awesome organisation of the Child Flights and sponsorship by Z Service Station. I have sent photos and a description of the flight etc  to the Northern Advocate and Z Service Station also our school newsletter.Many of these students have never been on a aeroplane in their lives.  What a great day.The next day we followed up with feedback from the  Child Flights and integrated this into their school unit emotions, where we focused on  excited and scared.  We shared genuine and enthusiastic feed back from students and staff.A huge applaud to Leticia and the Z Service Station Crew who supported on us this day.You have a brilliant and kind team operating with you. Many thanks to Mark and the awesome chap (Ray Stark) who flew with Mark from Whitianga.

Thank you for making our students lives excited, happy and complete.


Tracy Chapman

Team Leader


Flystark is a boutique airline run from Whitianga.  We are working with Ray Stark the owner and CEO.  Ray has two Gippsland Airvans which are capable of carrying up to 7 passengers, absolutely ideal for Child Flight's special needs kids operation.  On the 3rd of March weather permitting Ray will position one of his airvans at Whangarei Airport so that we can do 4 flights for Blomfield Special Needs School.  This will allow us to get 28 kids and teacher aids into the air.

2017 The Year Of Curious Minds

We are looking forward to getting sponsors support for our inspirational teaching programme Curious Minds-Possible Worlds.  Last year we taught 75 vulnerable kids between the ages of 10-13 years.  Our goal is to get our programme into more schools and community organisations such as Women's Refuge.  Flights will continue for special needs kids and where funding allows we will extend the flights to Curious Minds classes.  Anyone interested in learning more about our programme, please contact me.  Mothers wanting to have their child in our classes should contact me.  We are taking classes at the Western Community Centre.  Timing will be dependent on our resources.

Working With Women's Refuge

We have now completed 4 classes of Curious Minds for kids under the supervision of Waikato Women's Refuge.  We are amazed at how willing these kids are to learn.  Our class consists of 15 kids all aged 12.  Child Flight has purchased a projector which allows us to be independent wherever we teach our 4P programme.  This allows us to do Power Point with videos.  Each class is 2 hours long.  Professor Kathryn Pavlovich does the teaching and I have been referred to as "her sidekick" !!

I approached Jucy Rentals to help us with a Xmas present for the kids.  They have chipped in to pay for a trip down to Raglan Rock to do a day's activity (caving or rock climbing) thank you Tim Alpe, Jucy's CEO.

We have yet to complete our program in Kaitaia, this has been planned for early next year.  St Paul's, Ngruawahia have almost completed a full programme.  We learnt a lot from teaching here and hope to be able to continue next year subject to funding.

We also managed to get 4 flights away for Blomfield School in Whangarei.  This gave 12 special students a chance to see Whangarei and the sea.  A truely unique experience for these kids.  We have more flights planned for the New Year all supported by Z Energy Whangarei. 


Why I Am Seeking Election for Hamilton City Council

Our Trust is devoted to looking after special and disadvantaged kids.  As CEO of Child Flight, I feel I can do more for the kids.  We have embarked on a new education program which is currently being supported by the ANZ Staff Foundation, Z Energy (Good in the Hood), The Brian Perry Charitable Trust and The Gallagher Trust.  This allows us to introduce Curious Minds to 3 schools in Kaitaia & Hamilton.  The education program will be backed up by flights for the kids that have taken part.  But we can do more......

By getting on the Hamilton City Council I want to ensure that the city carefully reviews our programs for special and disadvantaged kids.  I would like to see the city providing more facilities to help these kids.  Have someone on the Council who specialises in this area.  This person would be responsible for overseeing what is being done to combat child abuse in the city.  Ensuring that the city has a plan of action, now!!  The objective, to look after these kids, to lower the number being abused.  To make Hamilton City the safest city in NZ.  We can achieve this, by actively participating in the community.  That means not just sitting on the council preparing reports, but actually getting out into the community and helping!!  let's do this Hamilton!!

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